How can you move your customers to further engage with your brand, while at the same time amplifying its presence across social media channels? How else? Through a digital competition.

Digital competitions – sweepstakes, especially – allow your company to grow its email list, increase overall brand engagement, create touch points, spread word-of-mouth, and generate leads.

Rebel Innovations enables us to help you build and run customized sweepstakes and giveaways suited to your budget. Additionally, our admin backend and advanced reporting provide actionable data, which helps you clearly and numerically evaluate each sweepstakes campaign you run. No one can resist a chance to enter a sweepstakes. Rebel Innovations allows both you and your customers to be among the winners.

Application Examples

No one can resist entering into a sweepstakes. Digital ones are too easy for users to pass up.

Celebrating a company milestone? Invite your customers to the party by launching a sweepstakes campaign that enhances brand awareness.

If you’re looking for a fun way to attract more users and potential customers, you’ve found it.

Looking to grow your email contact list? This is how.

New product? Sweepstakes are a great way to generate awareness and interest.

Become more involved with your users by requesting that they spread the word about a new product or service for a chance to enter.

What’s Included

Mobile-ready sweepstakes

Customizable entry forms

Unique referral link functionality

Three main data points for reporting: entry data, social data, and referral data

Additional Options

Full design and QA of custom, responsive sweepstakes landing page or microsite

Integration with shopping carts, content management systems, and email service providers

Social integration

Quality assurance testing

How It Works

Visitors stop by the sweepstakes homepage

Click through “About this contest” or “View entries” if they’d like to learn more

Click “submit entry”

Enter the required information

Receive a “thank you for entering” message

You get the data, they (might) get the prize

Live work example


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