Sports organizations – from tennis and lacrosse to basketball and squash – have common challenges: they need to position themselves to meet the growing digital needs and expectations of their member bases, players, clubs and facilities, as well as their own teaching professionals and businesses.

This digital challenge also affects an equally important audience – parents, fans, coaches, tournament directors (TDs), and league administrators. Rebel Innovate can achieve these needs and exceed expectations in amateur sports leagues – which currently have limited and non-integrated club functions, for programs, registration, and score reporting – and we can expand and improve their digital services.

The Tournament Scheduler interface connects to the specific management page of each tournament.

Application Examples

Your venerable sports organization is getting inundated with requests for digital scheduling. Now you can offer that option.

Enables parents, fans, clubs, facilities, and teaching professionals access to program, registration, and score reporting.

Lacrosse might date back to the 17th Century, but scheduling tournaments can be easy – and cutting edge.

Interface is specialized to the needs of most amateur sports organizations, from tennis to basketball and squash, and more.

Coaches, TDs, and league administrators can manage everything from specific games to regional tournaments.

The Sportganizer allows for unlimited club functions, from programs and registration to score reporting.

What’s Included

Desktop and tablet interfaces

Drag and drop functionality

Ability to include unlimited and complex scheduling rules

Database of stored entries

Branded design

Additional Options

Push managed content to end users – real time updates of schedules to end users on website or apps

Integrate with existing club/facility systems

Scalable to meet any size needs

Connect to existing databases, or create a database structure from scratch

Built using Google’s open-source Angular JS, but portable and extensible to other platforms

How It Works

A TD clicks on the “Manage or (Draw)” button listed next to each division

Provides information about the tournament

Sees the tournament schedule in grid format

Saves information and returns to the tournament’s page

Tournament schedule is now publicly available

Live work example

US Squash

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