With a proliferation of new platforms, devices and applications, businesses need to lift their messages above the noise to garner conversions and sales. Rebel Innovation is equipped to help. Not only do we offer solutions, we have an army (admittedly small and unarmed) of professionals poised to create results-driven strategies around flawless execution.


We know the code because we’ve literally written it.
We license Rebel Innovations code to you. The process is simple, effective and rewarding for you and your business. It’s yours — fresh off the shelf — and it brings with it a team of professionals to help deploy it on target, on time and on budget.
Can’t someone invent a platform to aggregate branded and user generated content to your website from social channels? They can and we did!
The digital spinwheel engagement tool whips up excitement while compelling users to visit and convert on your website.
Let the games begin. Digital competitions such as sweepstakes and scavenger hunts allow your company to grow its email list, increase overall brand engagement and more.
Rebel Innovations’ automated presentation routing tool gets targeted content into the hands of your audience seamlessly and effectively.
The social survey gets your target audience to answer your most important questions. Want to get inside a consumer’s mind? Now’s your chance.
Looking for a hybrid personal assistant and genius to make organizing sports tournaments easier? Say hello to the Sportsganizer (Sports Scheduler) an online solution to meet your organization’s growing digital needs.
Business is always evolving, with an ever-changing landscape of technological surprises – and challenges. Rebel Innovations is evolving, too. We’re always up to something new, so stay tuned!