Audiences can be a complicated, confusing bunch.

Whether you’re testing a new product and want to understand consumer opinions or launching a new business and need to test audience’s behaviors for research purposes, surveys are the ultimate way to get inside your target’s minds.

Consider Rebel Innovations’ social survey as a way to get those invaluable consumer insights. We’ll create the survey, promote it through hyper-targeted social media ads, and report the results. For once, having more questions than answers (to start) is a good thing.

Application Examples

You’re launching a new product and you want to know how it’ll be perceived before putting in the big bucks.

You want to study consumer habits as it relates to your brand or product. You have the questions and only they have the answers.

Want to know if your consumers are truly satisfied with your services or products? Anonymous surveys tend to bring out the honesty in all of us. Promoted surveys will get your questions in front of them.

What’s Included

Survey strategy, copywriting and design

Customized target ad sets based on interests, professional titles, etc.

Survey results breakdown and reporting

Media monitoring and reporting

Additional Options

Survey landing page design

Supporting social media content to promote survey

Integration of survey into an existing website or Facebook app

Incentive strategy

How It Works

Target consumer clicks on the survey from a social ad or post

Redirected to survey landing page

Complete the survey

Lands on a “thank you” page when last question is answered

Ready to Get Started?