Here’s a rhetorical question: Do you want a fresh approach at keeping new, relevant content on your website? (Of course you do.) The Social Hub Platform is an aggregator that helps you bring both branded and user generated content to your website from the most important social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

The Social Hub Platform aggregates live content across these social channels based on hashtags and handles, which allows visitors to connect with and to be better invested in your product, and also to convert on your website. The best part? You can create shoppable posts.

The social feed can be geared toward any individual in the buying process, and will drive them to learn more about or even purchase your product on the spot.

Application Examples

Showcase your social content from all of your channels directly on your website

Take a product-driven site and turn it into a beautiful, lifestyle-driven destination by taking your branded social content and your fans social content and serving it up on a pedestal

Push your visitors further down the funnel by providing shoppable BUY NOW links on the social content (c’mon let’s face it, people would much rather take a cue from a beautiful lifestyle shot then a boring product shot)

Have an event? Showcase live event feeds with all the content going on from that event for those that are missing out and want to follow along

Have a campaign with a branded hashtag? Pull in all your custom campaign content in one beautiful social hub

Start telling your very own social story today!

What’s Included

Customized CSS to ensure the social posts look seamless on your site.

Custom admin portal that aggregates all content based on applied hashtags and handles allowing for approving/denying content, adding shoppable links, and more!

Training video / demo

Additional Options

Additional customizations such as a social feed spotlight on homepage / social feed integration on product pages

Auto fetch so admin doesn’t need to manually fetch data each time they login

Customizations to backend or ability to tie into your CMS platform

Managed Services

How It Works

Aggregate all social content based on pre-defined hashtags or @handles

Publish your content in a beautiful way, fully responsive

Engage and measure what content is working best with your audience

Moderate content and approve before pushed publically through a custom admin portal

Customize your hub to your brand with custom CSS integration

Flexibility to add a “Buy now/Shop now” and link to the particular product page to push users further down the sales funnel

Social platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Live work examples

Deep River

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