What is the “Halo Effect?” Psychologically speaking, it’s the theory that if a person likes one trait about you they’ll automatically feel the same about your other traits as well. Rebels are not psychologists, (and we don’t play them on TV), but we understand the value of a good first impression, which dictates your client’s opinion of you throughout the life of the relationship.

Introducing HALO. HALO is Rebel’s newest innovation that helps ensure your customer’s first impression of you is a positive — and lasting one.

Application Examples

Your speech might be over, but your brand should live on. Use the automated digital literature launchpad tool to share materials directly with your audience - simply and immediately.

Presenting to sales reps or tradeshow attendees at a conference? Ask them to text BRAND to a shortcode and drive traffic to a custom landing page where they can pick which materials they want to keep and share with others in their organization.

Your printer did what it does best: it died. Don’t panic. This customizable tool gets your branded content where it needs to go immediately and efficiently.

What’s Included

Set-up of text functionality, unique SMS shortcode, and automatic mobile messaging reply workflow

Mobile landing page and request form development (capture email address, other form fields as desired, material downloads checkbox)

Upload of digital files, supplied by client

Design of a responsive email template to be used for the triggered response

Lead information route to client via email

Quality assurance testing

Initial click/downloads report

Additional Options

Admin interface to manage request form contents and upload custom content

Utilize Rebel Innovations’ email service provider for email responses

Integrate landing page into an existing website for further viewing after the form has been completed

Initiate data collection process through QR code or barcode scanners (especially useful in tradeshow environments)

Route lead collection data directly into existing CRM system

How It Works

You likely have vast amounts of content you use to market your business, including the finest examples of your work: client testimonials, case studies, whitepapers, professional briefs, videos, email newsletters, e-brochures, references and articles.

So much content, right? But what will showcase your business to that client in the best light possible?

The HALO solution allows you to place all your marketing solutions in a secure content library from which you can search and select items to send to a client via a secured, time-controlled link.

Why the time-controlled link? Think Mission Impossible. When your client clicks the link, they receive a custom landing page with a dynamically-populated view of all solutions shared. You can keep track of what your clients viewed and for how long on the back end. HALO lets you put your best digital foot forward by serving up targeted, relevant content.

Merriam Webster defines a halo as “the aura of glory, veneration, or sentiment surrounding an idealized person or thing.” Sure, we agree, but we’re more about the positive effect Halo will have on your business.

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