You’ve been looking for a simple, innovative way to engage your target audience, so we’ve reinvented the wheel for you. There’s a reason people play with spin wheels, from state fairs to Vegas casinos. They’re fun, exciting, and to be honest, just a little bit addictive.

Our Digital Spin Wheel Engagement Tool brings spin wheel appeal to your website, and it also allures and incentivizes users to visit and convert on your website. The Digital Spin Wheel Engagement Tool is completely customizable, from highlighting your distinct brand, to its unique prizes and color schemes, and can be used in multiple ways across a range of industries.

Universal in nature, the Digital Spin Wheel can be geared toward any audience, from internal employees to external customers and even business partners.

Application Examples

Provoke exploration of new website launch.

Incentivize employees/agents to share a company social post to individual profiles and to external networks for a chance to spin.

Encourage customers to write a review for a chance to spin.

Engage business partners, sales reps, distributors to frequently visit/log onto your website for a chance to spin.

Utilize on a tradeshow floor to generate buzz and engagement with your booth / brand; scan attendee badge and spin-to-win a giveaway.

Promote new product awareness via coupon promotions; introduce and promote trial of new products to market alongside other well-known products within brand portfolio.

What’s Included

Landing page development.

Digital Spin Wheel integration and configuration.

Unique data fields to capture prior to spin.

Customizable prizing structure.

Database of stored entries.

Branded design.

License to the code.

Quality Assurance (QA) testing.

Additional Options

Automated workflow that speaks to/populates entry data into CRM

Admin interface, with usage logs

Efficient integration with prize fulfillment partners

Email logic with unique code (for each contestant/reward), which verifies database entry and triggers a fulfillment message

How It Works

Individuals receive email/send text/visit site/view a social post

Click through to Digital Spin Wheel landing page

Click the SPIN button

Win* – lands on a Congrats page with fulfillment instructions

Loss – lands on a Thank You page with “check back” CTA

(*Option: Integrate “SHARE” CTA for winners with pre-populated text/image/link for sharing across social channels to win bonus prize)

Live work examples

National Lloyds

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