Business today takes place in a climate of dynamic turbulence, and if you’re not ahead of the pack strategically, creatively and digitally, you run the risk of becoming obsolete. But those who are responsive to change and don’t fear defying convention can flourish. (That’s where we come in to help.) We are in the business of connecting our clients to their customers in every possible – and seemingly impossible – way. We know you have a story and we can help you tell it.

The Rebel Innovations team is to Rebel Interactive Group agency as a petri-dish is to a science lab. We are a creative laboratory that invents, grows and replicates our business successes with mad passion. The brains behind Rebel Innovations discover unique opportunities for our clients, then we bring those opportunities to life (minus the test tubes and microscopes). We are digitally agile and intuitive, and the truth is: some of us really rock the lab coats.


Creativity, originality, and forward-thinking get you nowhere without successful execution. Rebel Innovations is all about tangible solutions that can transform your business.



Digital Literature




How It Works


You have a
business need


We license you
the code


Our teams
implement a
custom, branded
solution so you can
reap the rewards.

our advantages

Creative Ideas

How come I never thought of that? You might not have, but we did. Let's talk.

Unique Solutions

Ideas are a dime a dozen unless they're actually implemented.

Customer Support

We wanna hold your hand. We're here for you before, during, and after your project.

Managed Services

We assign a team of experts to work with you from start to finish.

Best Prices

Your mama told you you'd better shop around. We agree. Our team keeps costs low because we not only sell the code, we actually wrote it.

Pro Portfolio

You're in good company. Take a look at some of the other folks we've worked with.

Innovative Clients

Here are some clients who used Rebel Innovations to amplify digital engagement with their brand.